Stoicheia (1987/88)
for two solo percussionists,
two percussion ensembles,
four keyboards and electronics

Earth Group:
2 solo percussionists
percussion ensemble of 6 players

Constellation Group:
percussion ensemble of 7 players,
4 MIDI keyboards

Tape and amplification

'...a work that needs to be experienced live, since it relies much on the spatial distribution of its forces and, moreover, on a very special ritualistic, communal atmosphere and metaphysical aesthetic. Stoicheia owes little to traditional Western forms, procedures or ideas and yet, after a single hearing, it draws you into its unique world.'

Antony Bye, Tempo, March 91

Duration: 65 minutes
Commissioned by Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt
First performance: August 1988, Darmstadt
Steven Schick, James Wood, Darmstadt Percussion Ensemble
John Whiting (sound projection)

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Village Burial with Fire (1989)
for percussion quartet

Duration: 13 minutes
Commissioned by Amadinda Percussion Group, Budapest
First performance: October 1989, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
Amadinda Percussion Group

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Spirit Festival with Lamentations (1992)
for quartertone marimba and percussion quartet

Duration: 23 minutes
Commissioned by Robert Van Sice
First performance: October 1992, Akron, Ohio

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Le Petit Bossu (The Little Hunchback) (2007)
Music Theatre for reciter and percussion trio

Text: Yves Lenoir
Director: Catriona Morrison

Duration: 40 minutes
Commissioned by Les Percussions de Strasbourg
First performance: October 2007, L'Atelier du Rhin, Colmar

Cloud-Polyphonies (2011)
for percussion sextet

Duration: 35 minutes
Commissioned by a Consortium of American Universities (led by Mike Rosen)
and Percussion The Hague
First performance: November 2011, Oberlin School of Music
Oberlin Percussion Group, conducted by Mike Rosen

For more information about this work, instrumentation, photos and 2013 revisions to the original 2011 edition, please follow the Cloud-Polyphonies link below.


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Audio Excerpt available

Sea Dances (2012)
for percussion trio

Duration: 22 minutes
Commissioned by Sisu (Norway)
First performance: under negotiation

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