Programme notes

Complete list of programme notes is still under construction -
at present only the following are available - click on the title to view the corresponding pdf file:

Autumn Voices [8k]

Children at a Funeral [8k]

Choroi kai Thaliai [12k]

Crying bird, echoing star [8k]

Elanga N'Kake singing to his craft[8k]

Hildegard (programme note-2005 version]) [72k]

Hildegard (synopsis-2005 version]) [2400k]

Hildegard (text-2005 version) [116k]

Hildegard programme note + synopsis (Maastricht 2006) (80k)

Hildegard text (Maastricht 2006) (376k)

Ho shang Yao[60k]



Journey of the Magi [8k]

Mountain Language [12k]



Rogosanti [8k]

Séance [16k]

Shrine of Stored Incense [8k]

Spirit Festival with Lamentations[12k]

Stoicheia [908k]

The Parliament of Angels [32k]

photos of the Bayeux Frescoes of musician angels
(warning - the photos take a little time to download)

The Priest of Shiga Temple [8k]

Tongues of Fire [12k]

Two men meet [12k]

Venancio Mbande talking with the trees [16k]

Village Burial with Fire [8k]


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